Let Your Lady Friends Know, You’re No Shovenist

The female form is the most attractive in nature,” says Dutch sculptor Mario Philippona. We couldn’t agree more. After all, no one wants a sculpture of a man’s flaccid genitals decorating their home. Instead, why not a coffee table with a woman’s legs and curvy rear-end at each corner?� That’s what Mario has been sculpting: erotic home decor inspired by a woman’s figure.� He even crafted a fruit bowl inspired by women’s breasts dubbed “Tittyfruity.”

The table lets all your friends know you aren’t a switch hitter and it lets all of your lady guests know you’re perverted. Hey, at least they won’t think you’re a misogynistic asshole.

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  1. chauvinism (sh?`v?n?z?m), word derived from the name of Nicolas Chauvin, a soldier of the First French Empire. Used first for a passionate admiration of Napoleon, it now expresses exaggerated and aggressive nationalism. As a social phenomenon, chauvinism is essentially modern, becoming marked in the era of acute national rivalries and imperialism beginning in the 19th cent. It has been encouraged by mass communication, originally by the cheap newspaper. Chauvinism exalts consciousness of nationality, spreads hatred of minorities and other nations, and is associated with militarism, imperialism, and racism. In the 1960s, the term “male chauvinist” appeared in the women’s liberation movement; it is applied to males who refuse to regard females as equals.

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