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Female Daleks Exist, They’re Just Embarassed To Go Outdoors

…and I don’t blame them. If I was designed to look like a robotic, extermination Hello Kitty, I wouldn’t want to show my face (wait, do Daleks have faces) outdoors either. Designer Joseph Senior created this Hello Kitty Dalek rendering using an artistic eye, good design software and plenty of rainbows and sugar plum fairies. Luckily for them, female Daleks ...

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The Life Lessons of Super Mario Bros.

Within those hours upon hours of playing around with Super Mario Bros. we figured there must have been some sort of life lesson. We convinced our parents that the game was teaching us indispensable hand-eye coordination skills. But there was another hidden message that, unbeknown to us, would teach us all we needed to know for our adult years. The ...

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There Was An Old Woman Who Bathed In a Shoe

I can understand poverty. I’m a two-bit blogger who lives in public housing. But what I can’t understand is why a woman with so many children that she apparently “didn’t know what to do” with all of them, would live in a damn shoe. Couldn’t she find something that was a little less likely to cause her children to get ...

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Let Your Lady Friends Know, You’re No Shovenist

“The female form is the most attractive in nature,” says Dutch sculptor Mario Philippona. We couldn’t agree more. After all, no one wants a sculpture of a man’s flaccid genitals decorating their home. Instead, why not a coffee table with a woman’s legs and curvy rear-end at each corner? That’s what Mario has been sculpting: erotic home decor inspired by ...

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The Whiz: For Women Who Want To Pee Like A Man

Not to be confused with the African-American rendition of The Wizard Of Oz, The Whiz is a gadget that allows woman to experience what its like to pee standing up. Being of the male persuasion myself, I never thought there was anything phenomenal about it, except for the apparent speed differences. Available in a number of colors, The Whiz is ...

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Moaning Lisa Teaches You How To Give An Orgasm

Moaning Lisa is a conceptual interactive game which not only looks like a real blast, but also teaches you knowledge on how to crack the code to the cryptic female orgasm. Lisa comes with a set of 7 touch sensors marked with stars to help you become better equipped to please the female form. Much like a real woman, if ...

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