BLUE Keeps Kitchen Looking Trendy, Fruits Fresh


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone out and bought fresh fruit, only to have it mold by sitting in my refrigerator’s crisper drawer. It’s both a waste of food and money and can be quite frustrating at times. This is where BLUE enters the picture.

BLUE will cleanse your fruits through emitting a special light that kills bacteria on the skin of your pears, peaches and other delicious delicacies (a process known as Action Fresh Blue technology.) A beautiful blue ambient light glows when the device is on and cleansing your food. BLUE comes with a charger and a removable bowl that you can easily clean. After the jump, a collage showing how BLUE works:


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  1. so, how much? any free demos?

  2. Doesn’t do us any good to have the article without giving us a price or where to buy it. Dumb!

  3. Where can we buy it? I agree how dumb.

  4. Price check please u F’in fools…. Why bother even writting this article without any of the necessary info…

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