LightCap Transforms Your Trendy Nalgene Bottle Into A Firefly


If there’s one thing I love more than my three-floor condo and Lexus convertible, it has to be my Nalgene water bottle. Nothing screams “I’m white, in my 30s and living life to the max!” like a Nalgene-style water bottle. However, a conundrum exists that involves jogging at nighttime and passers-by not being able to recognize that you’re carrying a sweet water bottle.

That’s where the LightCap 200 comes in. At $20, you’ll find it’s almost as cheap as that caviar you scooped onto your toast this morning. It fits any bottle with a 2″ wide mouth and is solar powered to keep your hippie girlfriend happy. Now when you’re running down Partridge Lane and the sun is setting, you’ll do it with ease of mind, knowing full well you’re a huge douche.

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  1. Good Afternoon Vince! 🙂

    Thanks so much for writing about our LightCap200 – We really appreciate it!

    Have a great week and Thanks again,

    Rosalie @ SolLight

    LightCap200 on YouTube –

  2. That seems like a prettty cool idea. I wish someone would have thought of that sooner. I so need to get one of those now. I’m a trackstar, and something like this would be great to have with me when I go for my nightime jogs.

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