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PVC Pipe Water Bottle Launcher

Found on Science Toy Maker, this water bottle launcher was made by a school teacher looking for some good, clean fun. Apparently it’s quite easy to do and launches 2 liter soda bottles into the air with ease, drenching everyone around with water. Head over to STM for the full build instructions. Link [via]

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LightCap Transforms Your Trendy Nalgene Bottle Into A Firefly

If there’s one thing I love more than my three-floor condo and Lexus convertible, it has to be my Nalgene water bottle. Nothing screams “I’m white, in my 30s and living life to the max!” like a Nalgene-style water bottle. However, a conundrum exists that involves jogging at nighttime and passers-by not being able to recognize that you’re carrying a ...

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