Hollow Spy Coins For Spies: Win A Coin Toss, Everytime

In the days of the Cold War, espionage was a big deal. This was back when spy bots didn’t exist and spies relied on obtaining information personally. If you weren’t a spy, you might as well have swallowed cyanide because during the Cold War everyone was a spy. That’s why Brian Dereu wants to cash in on spy-wannabes everywhere. He’s started a new business selling hollow spy coins for 20 bucks a pop.

It’s a coin that’s been hollowed out so you can covertly transport secret messages, suicide poisons, microfilms and maybe even drugs. Hell, if you’re dropping a twenty dollar bill on nothing more than a coin, you’ll have to do some smuggling with it to make up for your loss.

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  1. I take exception to this article, I happen to know Brian Dereu. He wouldn’t cash in on a situation if his life were on the line. He is doing what he loves to do- machining. And if people happen to be buying his product it is only because he is proficient at what he does and his product is a good one.

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