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Walkie Talkie Pens Help You Cheat on Tests

How easy would have cheating been if we had all of the amenities that kids have these days? Forget about how easy it is just to text or call your classmates using your cellphone. Kids don’t even have to risk that much. The Walkie Talkie Pens allows users to communicate like a spy, right through their pens. The design isn’t ...

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Blackout: Spies Penetrate US Electrical Grid

If your television goes out, you might want to hold off on calling your electric company. The situation could be out of their hands. In fact, the reason why your electricity just went out could be because of Chinese and Russian spies who have infiltrated the US electrical grid. Said spies planted malicious software inside the grid and had it ...

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Hollow Spy Coins For Spies: Win A Coin Toss, Everytime

In the days of the Cold War, espionage was a big deal. This was back when spy bots didn’t exist and spies relied on obtaining information personally. If you weren’t a spy, you might as well have swallowed cyanide because during the Cold War everyone was a spy. That’s why Brian Dereu wants to cash in on spy-wannabes everywhere. He’s ...

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Blood By Air – The Medical Robot Carrier Pigeon

The practical uses for unmanned aerial vehicles are proving limitless. Once used for espionage and photography, these airborne spy bots just fell victim to a role reversal: they’ve gone from spy to medic. Well, while they don’t exactly heal wounds out on the battlefield, they do provide air transport for supplies needed in dire situations. Think of them as carrier ...

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Spy Kite Soars Into Ladies Dressing Room

Listen, there’s no time to explain. Government agents are looking for you. They’ll blend in, disappear and even take the persona of family and friends. Before you know it, your own dog could be working for the feds. You’ll need eyes everywhere. That’s where the Delta spy kite comes in. A kite with a camera capable of snapping photos from ...

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James Bond Gear For Geeks: The WiFi Detecting Pen

No worries. This pen won’t self destruct. Or will it? Mwahaha. The WiFi Detecting Pen features 4 LEDs which show the strength of a WiFi signal within 30 feet. The pen itself runs off of two button cell batteries and will help you find a signal even when you’re deep within a terrorist compound, using your espionage skills against forces ...

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