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Hollow Spy Coins For Spies: Win A Coin Toss, Everytime

In the days of the Cold War, espionage was a big deal. This was back when spy bots didn’t exist and spies relied on obtaining information personally. If you weren’t a spy, you might as well have swallowed cyanide because during the Cold War everyone was a spy. That’s why Brian Dereu wants to cash in on spy-wannabes everywhere. He’s ...

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Store up to 100,000,000 yen with the Jinsei Ginko ONE

Takara-TOMY showcased an updated version of the Jinsei Ginko Life Bank, instead of storing 500 yen coins, the new model will simply be a counter that you mount on water bottles, and it will count the number of 1 yen coins ($0.01) you have pushed through. Each counter can go up to 9999, but at the Toy Forum the company ...

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