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Will You Get Over Steve Jobs Already?

Look, I love Apple as much as the next guy does, but this is ridiculous. The press and bloggers are becoming rabid paparazzi as they demand to know every detail about Steve Jobs’ life. I mean look as this shit on Techmeme. Is this seriously the biggest news out there? That a hospital tried to keep the identity of one ...

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The Web Trend Map

Sometimes our lives become controlled by what we do online. This rings true for many of you I’m sure and especially myself. You have Facebook with its constant addiction, Twitter, Tumblr, Wikipedia and Google. Thousands of services keep us connected, but have you ever wondered how they’re all interconnected? This Web Trend map from The Information Architects resembles a subway ...

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Rumor Update: T-Mobile G2

A rumor is going ’round the web today that suggest T-Mobile and Google will be releasing a new device called the G2 in January. I just got confirmation from my inside source at T-Mobile who says the device is indeed real and is coming soon. As for specs, he couldn’t confirm any of that with me but here’s what it’s ...

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Hollow Spy Coins For Spies: Win A Coin Toss, Everytime

In the days of the Cold War, espionage was a big deal. This was back when spy bots didn’t exist and spies relied on obtaining information personally. If you weren’t a spy, you might as well have swallowed cyanide because during the Cold War everyone was a spy. That’s why Brian Dereu wants to cash in on spy-wannabes everywhere. He’s ...

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UK Plans On Making Everyone A Cop

“The public are the best weapon for fighting crime,” says United Kingdom’s Home Secretary Jacqui Smith after introducing a new approach to criminal statistical surveillance earlier this month. Once police in England and Wales started publishing their monthly crime statistics, giving the public more information on local crime information, they knew they had to take it one step further. The ...

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Nintendo Screws Third-Party Developers

Remember the Wii MotionPlus, the gimmicky accessory that attaches to the end of the Wiimote to more quickly and accurately reflect motions in a 3-D space?” It turns out Nintendo is getting some bad recognition regarding their lack of disclosure involving the accessory and third-party developers. When third-party developers were asked of their opinions of the accessory, they all seemed ...

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