High Tech Scroll Concept Is Only A Geek’s Fantasy


There are some gadget concepts that make me want to jump up and lobby to the world about them. This High Tech Scroll concept is a gorgeous idea, there just isn’t the technology available yet to create it. Featuring a 10 MP camera, camcorder, touchscreen, WiFi, Bluetooth support, and a PC running a full version of XP or Vista (come on, give us some OS X goodness!), the High Tech Scroll is too good to be true, and it isn’t.

Designed by 13 Tech Design, not only does the Scroll feature all of the listed specs above, but also has a form factor which unravels like the Hebrew Torah, pulling the sides apart to reveal the rolled up slim flat screen. Hit the jump for another pic and two demo videos.


[dailymotion x541df[/embed]

[dailymotion x541f9[/embed]

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