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Ball Scroll Handheld Mouse

I’ve had problems with my wrists for years now, mostly because of the hours upon hours of sitting at my desk, arm poised in the same position for a countless amount of time, mousing my way across Azeroth, or just surfing the good ole net. With mouses these days you can spend half your time just programming the shortcut buttons. ...

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High Tech Scroll Concept Is Only A Geek’s Fantasy

There are some gadget concepts that make me want to jump up and lobby to the world about them. This High Tech Scroll concept is a gorgeous idea, there just isn’t the technology available yet to create it. Featuring a 10 MP camera, camcorder, touchscreen, WiFi, Bluetooth support, and a PC running a full version of XP or Vista (come ...

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OKWAP S868 Smartphone: virtual scroll wheel over the keypad

Taiwanese company OKWAP announced this morning their first smartphone S868. It is one of the rarer Windows Mobile 5.0 smartphones that give you a stylus and an alphanumeric keypad but keeping everything in petiteness (106x51x18mm 122g). The touch screen measures 2.4 inches diagonally, and the camera at the back is a 2 megapixel CMOS with autofocus. OKWAP personalized the system ...

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