Found: Fish with Human Teeth (Update: Species Found!)


Update: It appears this species of fish is known as a Sheepshead. Google Images has more pics of� this incredible and bizarre creature. (Thanks commenter Matt for this discovery!)

Still yet to be identified, this unknown species of fish appears to have humanoid-like teeth.

And apparently they also have great dental coverage. I’ve seen worse looking teeth on humans who brush daily. Check out some more photographic evidence after the jump. What’s your call on this one? Real? Fake? Shopped? Sexy?




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  1. This fish has been identified. It’s known as a sheepshead. They tend to pop up every here and there down south.

  2. Very cool. Thanks for the info, Matt.

  3. that’s not real

  4. It’s totally real, check out the update!

  5. is too, my little brother caught one on his fishing trip with his dad

  6. From Biloxi, MS and sheephead are very prevalent there. They have those teeth cause they mainly feed on barnacles. Funfact: Sheephead are delicious, tho considered a “trash-fish” they are likened to the taste and texture of the Red Snapper.

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