Tooth Tattoos Make For A Humorous Write-up

The year is 2011. Rap music has evolved to the point where bling and grillz are no longer cool. The new fad is tattoos. Rappers everywhere from all crews are swarming dentist offices trying to get tooth tattoos. What are tooth tattoos? I’m glad you asked.

Back in the year 2008, the Heward Dental Lab in Salt Lake City decided to start offering custom hand-painted crowns. That’s right. If you were hoping to get an image of Andy Warhold silk-screened onto a tooth, no dice. Costing between $75 and $500, rappers of all wealth flocked to Salt Lake City to get images of George Washington and Elvis attached on their teeth. Thus, the hit single of 2009 was born: “Saltin'” by Chamillionaire.

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