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Tunnel Furniture Lets You Bury Your Head in the Fabric

There are times where most of us just want to bury our heads in the sand like an ostrich. If we can’t see you, you can’t see us. Unfortunately for people using the Tunnel Chair, people can see you, and you look ridiculous. The Tunnel Chair by Noga Berman creates little nooks and crannies capable of housing various body parts. ...

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Autopsy Intruments Used on Elvis Presley For Sale

If you’re anything like me and were hoping to purchase these tools just so you can lick the stainless steel and ingest whatever Elvis-fluids might remain in an attempt to gain The King’s super rocking powers, forget about it. Unfortunately these tools have been thoroughly cleansed. All of the items used in the autopsy and funeral preparations will be offered ...

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Wind-Up Mechanical Dennis Hopper Toy

If someone told me they were going to create a Dennis Hopper / mechanical duck thing wind-up toy, I’d be all like “Um, OK. Why?” And they’d be all like “Just because, dude! Just because!” And then I’d be all like “I bet you never finish it. It’s too crazy.” And then they’d be like “In your face, Andrew! In ...

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Found: Fish with Human Teeth (Update: Species Found!)

Update: It appears this species of fish is known as a Sheepshead. Google Images has more pics of� this incredible and bizarre creature. (Thanks commenter Matt for this discovery!) Still yet to be identified, this unknown species of fish appears to have humanoid-like teeth. And apparently they also have great dental coverage. I’ve seen worse looking teeth on humans who ...

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