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Found: Fish with Human Teeth (Update: Species Found!)

Update: It appears this species of fish is known as a Sheepshead. Google Images has more pics of this incredible and bizarre creature. (Thanks commenter Matt for this discovery!) Still yet to be identified, this unknown species of fish appears to have humanoid-like teeth. And apparently they also have great dental coverage. I’ve seen worse looking teeth on humans who ...

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Piracy At Its Finest

I’m sure you can pick this up at every other subway stop in New York, but, ah, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Tarzan? Nice. Real nice. Link

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Good Morning My Monster

I have no idea who made this image but it originates from some Russian website. It’s a great image and I can’t help but feel like I know that monster from somewhere though… Link

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Mystery Powerbook

I found this awesome laser-etched Macbook Pro Powerbook G4 on Tumblr. Can anyone identify whose it is or what that character is on the front? Very intense. Link

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Paging your lost precious

Isn’t it just annoying when you lose stupid items like keys, your wallet, your purse (and murse) or even your kid? They’re usually just somewhere, at the stupidest places covered by paper or clothes or food. Japanese company Imao (not LMAO) has come to save us with their Mitsukaru tags. What the tags do is that they are traceable with ...

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