Paging your lost precious


Isn’t it just annoying when you lose stupid items like keys, your wallet, your purse (and murse) or even your kid? They’re usually just somewhere, at the stupidest places covered by paper or clothes or food. Japanese company Imao (not LMAO) has come to save us with their Mitsukaru tags. What the tags do is that they are traceable with your remote, when you lost your wallet, simply press your remote and the tag in your wallet will ring. The maximum distance for that to work is 10m, so you can imagine yourself walking around the house and pressing the remote until you hear something. Well, this is already better than nothing. The tags measures 30x51x9mm, so it should not be too difficult to fit into your toilet case, or just use it as a keyholder. The remote uses AAA battery where as the tags use CR-2032 button batteries. The Mitsukaru tags come in 4 colors per pack, all with different alarm tones (that are actually too loud by Japanese standard- Impress), the whole kit is selling for 80USD. You can have an idea of how big the tag is after the jump.


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Product page [Imao]

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