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Unicornasaurus Looks Like The Tooth Fairy of My Dreams

The tooth fairy is one elusive creature. While Santa Claus’s identity is well known, the Tooth Fairy remains anonymous and mysterious, sometimes taking the form of a mythical fairy, other times resembling a full-sized woman. In my dreams, the toothfairy looks something like this Unicornasaurus. Can’t you see this big guy sneaking into your room, tapping your pillow with his ...

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Found: Fish with Human Teeth (Update: Species Found!)

Update: It appears this species of fish is known as a Sheepshead. Google Images has more pics of this incredible and bizarre creature. (Thanks commenter Matt for this discovery!) Still yet to be identified, this unknown species of fish appears to have humanoid-like teeth. And apparently they also have great dental coverage. I’ve seen worse looking teeth on humans who ...

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