Don’t Shit Bricks! It’s Just A LEGO Sentry Gun

It might not be the coolest LEGO set to date, but it certainly is an impressive display of building blocks directly inspired by Team Fortress 2. It’s the engineer’s sentry gun from the game, used to tear through hordes of enemy scouts rushing to grab your team’s briefcase (or flag).

It was created by Steve Barker who says he’s more proud of this creation than any of his others so far.It looks nice, but can it withstand the firepower that a LEGO Johnny Five’s laser beam can distribute? Doubtful, considering how easily sentry guns are taken out in game.

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  1. you know the briefcase is full of porn thats why they want to steal it, all your porn belong to us!

  2. I wouldn’t say SG’s are taken out *that* easily. Pretty much need an ubercharge, or very poor sentry placement.

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