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18-year-old Responsible For False Jobs Rumor

Steve Jobs is dead. Steve Jobs is not dead. Steve Jobs is sick. Steve Jobs is not sick. I’m sick of this shit. Clearly, Steve Jobs is immortal and all this news of his demise is a load of cow dung. Who makes this crap up anyway? The SEC tracked down the little bastard responsible, who just so happens to ...

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Steve Jobs and The Search For A New Look

Jim Lynch over at Extreme Tech wrote a funny post we just couldn’t ignore. Almost the entire column goes over how much Steve Jobs is in dire need of a wardrobe intervention. All of his clothes are either too short or too baggy due to his recent loss of weight. C’mon Steve, you’ve got cash, you can afford leather. Anything ...

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Don’t Shit Bricks! It’s Just A LEGO Sentry Gun

It might not be the coolest LEGO set to date, but it certainly is an impressive display of building blocks directly inspired by Team Fortress 2. It’s the engineer’s sentry gun from the game, used to tear through hordes of enemy scouts rushing to grab your team’s briefcase (or flag). It was created by Steve Barker who says he’s more ...

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