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Happy Holidays From Gearfuse!

We’d personally like to wish you happy holidays from the staff at Gearfuse. Whether it be Christmas, Hanukkah or Festivus, the team would like to wish you a good one. Spend some time with family, eat some delicious food and unwrap some fantastic gifts. Who knows, maybe you’ll score an Arduino this year! We’ll be taking off today and tomorrow ...

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Get ’em While They’re Hot!

If you go to Mets games frequently enough (season tickets, weekly plan, etc.), then you’ll be happy to know you’re entitled to purchase an authentic set of seats from Shea Stadium. It’s an exciting opportunity that will cost you $869 for a pair of seats but worth much more to the true baseball fan. Green, red, blue and orange seating ...

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Don’t Shit Bricks! It’s Just A LEGO Sentry Gun

It might not be the coolest LEGO set to date, but it certainly is an impressive display of building blocks directly inspired by Team Fortress 2. It’s the engineer’s sentry gun from the game, used to tear through hordes of enemy scouts rushing to grab your team’s briefcase (or flag). It was created by Steve Barker who says he’s more ...

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iPhone 3G Jailbroken

If you were lucky, last Friday, you walked into an AT&T or Apple store and walked out with an iPhone 3G that you were told to “activate at home.” You, my friend, are one of the lucky ones who was able to purchase an iPhone 3G will little to no hassle (as far as unlocking goes). The iPhone Dev Team ...

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