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The iPhone Now Walks

Listen, dude. Forget everything you heard about the iPhone. Forget the apps, forget the voice recognition calling, forget everything because all of its capabilities and features have just been outdone. A Japanese software engineer named Kazu Terasaki has given his iPhone the ability to walk. Yes, he’s turned his iPhone into a kick ass robot that takes baby steps. Because ...

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You Spilled Art On Your Table

Here’s something else, furniture called Ripple Series that imitates rippling mercury just like the Vertibral seating imitates spinal structure. It’s from designer Lee J. Rowland who happens to also be an aerospace engineer. And it shows with this out of this world furniture design that uses a three-dimensional machining process along with sheet metal to make these one of a ...

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Sam’s Club Has Geeks On Call To Overcharge You And Fix Nothing

It’s no mystery that Geek Squad, the subsidiary computer repair service of the Best Buy Company, is known for its incompetence and over-pricing in computer maintenance. After all, it’s Best Buy. Now, these computer services are sprouting up alongside many other major retailers. A week after Dell announced its tech-support services with Wal-Mart, the retail chain Sams Club (which is ...

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Don’t Shit Bricks! It’s Just A LEGO Sentry Gun

It might not be the coolest LEGO set to date, but it certainly is an impressive display of building blocks directly inspired by Team Fortress 2. It’s the engineer’s sentry gun from the game, used to tear through hordes of enemy scouts rushing to grab your team’s briefcase (or flag). It was created by Steve Barker who says he’s more ...

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