Cucku: Social Backup

With the age of Bit Torrent upon us, computer users demand more storage than ever before. I myself am in dire need of a new 1TB hard disk to hold all the movies, applications and other garbage I download. However, I tend to have a problem with most external hard drives. They usually work fine for two years and then clunk out and need to be replaced. Mucho sucko, I know.

That’s where Cucku comes in. You and a trusted friend both install the Cucku application. You’ll then be able to back up your data onto your friend’s brand spankin’ new computer. Sure, your buddy dropped $900 last week on new hard disks but hey, that’s not your problem. All you’re concerned with is moving Season 4 of The Wire off your hard drive. Cucku can do this for you. Right now, it’s Windows-only software, which is fine since Apple offers iDisk. If you want to learn more, hit the link below.


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