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Super Mario Filing Cabinets

If you were shoved into the professional world kicking and shoving, it’s our opinion that you should at least be able to decorate your office how you see fit. These filing cabinets, inspired by Super Mario Bros. 2, fit right into our personal style. The geek nation might be more apt to stick to business conventions if we just had ...

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The iPhone 3.0 OS Update

So yesterday, Apple held one of its little private conferences where they go over some sick new product or service. This time, it was the iPhone 3.0 OS. So much stuff was covered that there’s no time for jokes. Let’s dive right into this shit:

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Cucku: Social Backup

With the age of Bit Torrent upon us, computer users demand more storage than ever before. I myself am in dire need of a new 1TB hard disk to hold all the movies, applications and other garbage I download. However, I tend to have a problem with most external hard drives. They usually work fine for two years and then ...

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The Virus In Space

Get your mind out of the gutter, friend! I wasn’t referring to the terrible diarrhea the crew of the ISS got a hold of. To be quite honest, I’m talking about a nasty little worm for Windows that NASA somehow happened to miss. The infection, known as W32.TGammima.AG, can steal passwords and fuck up your system – something you don’t ...

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