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Google In Talks To Buy Twitter

It was bound to happen. Google loves a big player on the Internet (Youtube, Blogger, etc.) and has plenty of cash in its war chest to spend. Word is that Google and Twitter are currently in the beginning stages of talks about a buyout from Google. The expected value hasn’t been revealed but you can bet it’ll be somewhere between ...

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Cucku: Social Backup

With the age of Bit Torrent upon us, computer users demand more storage than ever before. I myself am in dire need of a new 1TB hard disk to hold all the movies, applications and other garbage I download. However, I tend to have a problem with most external hard drives. They usually work fine for two years and then ...

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A Long Overdue T-Shirt for the Internet

Did it really take this long for the guys at Mule Design to think of a snarky t-shirt involving Web 2.0? I hope not. For $20, this Kool-Aid Man shirt will be in heavy rotation until the next ‘net bubble bursts. Just ask Jerry Yang or Michael Arrington. Link (via)

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New pink Meebo, getting girls to use something other than AIM

That infamous color pink… it makes guys make sure that they choose a very different color scheme, but it always seems to draw the female crowd in. The leading Web 2.0 instant messaging client Meebo has just added a pink theme to its increasingly popular application. Meebo allows users to make their own Meebo account and tie in each of ...

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