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The Google GDrive Is Most Certainly Real

My friends, do you see this image of code? This is code from a JavaScript file included in Google Pack, a suite of Google Apps you can download in one shot. Buried inside the code is a snippet on the oft-rumored GDrive. In case you haven’t heard, GDrive is Google’s way of having you back up all your data to ...

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Cucku: Social Backup

With the age of Bit Torrent upon us, computer users demand more storage than ever before. I myself am in dire need of a new 1TB hard disk to hold all the movies, applications and other garbage I download. However, I tend to have a problem with most external hard drives. They usually work fine for two years and then ...

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Rent, Rip, Return, Baby!

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to make a digital copy of any of your DVDs as if it were an audio CD you wanted to import with iTunes? You can! I mean, you will once RealNetworks introduces it’s $30 software program: RealDVD. It’ll allow users to make a digital copy of an entire DVD, including all the extras ...

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SIM Card Manager: Dude, Where’s My Translator?

Looking very much like one of those translating/portable dictionary devices from yesteryear, the SIM Card Manager is actually a lot more useful than you’re led to believe from its appearance. Offering the sexiness of a full QWERTY keypad, the device can save 3 different SIM card phone number databases on its on-board storage, providing you with a back-up plan unless ...

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Powercut does not prevent my house from lighting up during earthquakes

The scary thing about earthquakes is not so much about falling ceilings anymore, at least in Japan. More injuries are incurred due to the fact that the power is off and people can’t see (along with gas explosions, fire and falling shelf objects). Most commercial office buildings are equipped with emergency lighting, but what if you want them at home? ...

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