Rent, Rip, Return, Baby!

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to make a digital copy of any of your DVDs as if it were an audio CD you wanted to import with iTunes? You can! I mean, you will once RealNetworks introduces it’s $30 software program: RealDVD. It’ll allow users to make a digital copy of an entire DVD, including all the extras and artwork from the box.

Let’s face it: Blu-ray is king these days and that sucks for all the loons who bought a library of DVD movies (which is everyone). Now that DVD is out the window, Hollywood could care less if you copy all of your DVDs and start selling them on your website. OK, that’s not true at all but at least it’s giving up the ban on digital backups. If you dare do it with Blu-ray discs, the peoples of Hollywood will hunt you down and kill you. Just prepare your hard drive beforehand, otherwise you’ll only be able to fit the first season of Dawson’s Creek on it, and we all know that the second season is way better.


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  1. ummm, did everyone somehow not hear of DVD Shrink? Y’know , the program released in april of 2003 that allows you to backup DVD9’s you rent (8.5GB) by re-encoding them to the single layer dvd+/-R (dvd5 4.7GB) but can also make a carbon copy of a double layer disk (dvd9) for all you snobs out there who buy double layer DVD+/- R’s, add that to the hundreds of sites that offer cover art for retail dvd movies and you are done.

    Oh yeah, Its also 100% FREE

  2. The last line killed me. I’m new to the whole “how do I pirate DVDs and not cram up my hard drive” so this gives me something to chew on. Thanks!

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