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Hulu Launches Desktop App

I love Hulu. Thanks to Hulu, my roommates and I were able to cancel our cable subscription and now watch all our favorite shows on Hulu, save for the HBO and Showtime stuff. Now, in an out-of-the-blue move, Hulu has released a desktop app that lets you watch shows without a web browser. But be warned! I just went to ...

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Microsoft Planning Zune Upgrade Program

Hey! You! Yes! All five of you! Come here. I have some good news for you. So remember when you guys all went and bought 30GB Zunes awhile back? Well I know they’re out of warranty now and all, but I just got this great tip from a friend. It seems Microsoft is going to let you trade in that ...

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Programmer Fixes An Obsolete Vectrex

Forget what I said about the Vectrex, I was merely poking fun. It is a goofy looking but awesomely retro gaming console that’s easy to ridicule. If you just so happen to have one collecting dust in your attic because of an obsolete chip, In Choi writes on Programmable Logic DesignLine about emulating the chip with logic design. Choi proves ...

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Rent, Rip, Return, Baby!

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to make a digital copy of any of your DVDs as if it were an audio CD you wanted to import with iTunes? You can! I mean, you will once RealNetworks introduces it’s $30 software program: RealDVD. It’ll allow users to make a digital copy of an entire DVD, including all the extras ...

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Bot Devs Get Ganked By Blizzard

Sometime in March, Blizzard filed a class action lawsuit against Michael Donnelly, the creator of the MMO Glider program, which performs key tasks in the game automatically, such as fighting and looting. Well, Blizzard “pwned” the shit out of the software bot’s creator, claiming it infringes the company’s copyright and potentially damages the game. Donnelly says his tool does not ...

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DIY: USB Missile Launcher

Pesky trespassers, beware! This USB missile launcher is outfitted with a radar that picks up enemy movement in its field of vision. The instructions to make one are provided with a circuit board layout and a free download of the C# code to run it. Just plug this missile launcher into your PC and you’ll be scanning for Charlies in ...

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