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The Web Trend Map

Sometimes our lives become controlled by what we do online. This rings true for many of you I’m sure and especially myself. You have Facebook with its constant addiction, Twitter, Tumblr, Wikipedia and Google. Thousands of services keep us connected, but have you ever wondered how they’re all interconnected? This Web Trend map from The Information Architects resembles a subway ...

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Rent, Rip, Return, Baby!

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to make a digital copy of any of your DVDs as if it were an audio CD you wanted to import with iTunes? You can! I mean, you will once RealNetworks introduces it’s $30 software program: RealDVD. It’ll allow users to make a digital copy of an entire DVD, including all the extras ...

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P8tch Things Up With MILF Hunter

See this patch that looks like it belongs on a messenger bag from 1994, right next to that goofy Nirvana logo? Good. First off, it’s not a patch like on your mommy’s quilt, it’s a P8tch. It features a special barcode that your cellphone (possibly) can scan. When scanned, the “patch” takes you to the URL of your choice. Have ...

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