Powercut does not prevent my house from lighting up during earthquakes

anzen-net pioma

The scary thing about earthquakes is not so much about falling ceilings anymore, at least in Japan. More injuries are incurred due to the fact that the power is off and people can’t see (along with gas explosions, fire and falling shelf objects). Most commercial office buildings are equipped with emergency lighting, but what if you want them at home? A Japanese company, Anzen-net (safety-net), has developed this automatically lighting system that can light up automatically when it detects an earthquake greater than Richter Scale 5 or smoke in times of fire. A 70dB siren is also built in should you want to be woken up. Since it runs on lithium battery, it will not be affected by the powercut. Thanks to its relatively small size, you can put as many as you want in your room, but that will cost you a fortune; these lights are selling for $147 each. — Sam Chan

Pioma product page [Anzen-net]

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