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Emergency Underpants: Essential Gear for Taco Bell Night

Taco Bell is delicious. There’s no denying that. Unfortunately the effects that the restaurant’s food has on your digestive system isn’t nearly as appetizing. A meal at Taco Bell has the unique qualities which incite both gas and loose stools. Not a good combination for people who happen to be in public without an extra pair of panties handy. Having ...

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Futuristic Firefighter Concept Gear Revitalizes My Childhood Aspirations

Much like any other average 8-year-old, there was a point during my childhood where I wanted nothing more than to grow up to be a firefighter. I thought everything about the job, especially the mandatory undergarments, was awesome. Saving lives, driving big trucks, getting one of those awesome emergency pagers. But then I got older and I realized I really ...

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Emergency Zombie Kit: Just In Case

Since you never know when an infected zombie monkey is going to escape from his cage and bite an unsuspecting experimenter, it’s always better to be safe now, than sorry (and in search of brains) later. The Emergency Zombie Kit comes with the bare essentials for surviving a zombie onslaught. Included is a machete, for close combat, a shotgun, for ...

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The Bedu Emergency Rapid Response Kit

I really have to give it to designer Toby McInnes for his “Bedu” concept emergency kit. It comes in a beautiful orange canister that resembles a propane tank. According to product renderings, the kit can apparently hold enough shit to provide shelter for the entire starting lineup of the New York Giants. I spy, with my eye, a tent, stove, ...

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Power off, lights still on

Not sure if you have ever noticed that some fluorescent lights do glow in the dark for a while after you’ve turned off the power, that’s because the excited particles (ions) take time to give out the light (photon) after being excited by electrical energy. NEC has extended this behavior of fluorescence material and apply it to their new Hotalook-alpha ...

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Powercut does not prevent my house from lighting up during earthquakes

The scary thing about earthquakes is not so much about falling ceilings anymore, at least in Japan. More injuries are incurred due to the fact that the power is off and people can’t see (along with gas explosions, fire and falling shelf objects). Most commercial office buildings are equipped with emergency lighting, but what if you want them at home? ...

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