Futuristic Firefighter Concept Gear Revitalizes My Childhood Aspirations

Much like any other average 8-year-old, there was a point during my childhood where I wanted nothing more than to grow up to be a firefighter. I thought everything about the job, especially the mandatory undergarments, was awesome. Saving lives, driving big trucks, getting one of those awesome emergency pagers. But then I got older and I realized I really didn’t like to move all that much, let alone be responsible for saving lives.

Jordan Swartzentruber’s�conceptual Sidewinder Self Contained Breathing�Apparatus, or SCBA for those of you in the know, reignites the flame under my childhood’s�buttocks.�Channeling what appears to be the coolest features of scuba diving gear and Darth Vader’s ventilation system, the Sidewinder makes it worth being a firefighter, just for the outside chance that one day you might be able to wear it.


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