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Homemade Data Rig Has 90 TB of Storage Cooled By 40 Fans

A Russian modder has crafted the perfect solution to limited storage space for all of those torrents you’ve been downloading recently. This homemade computer rig rocks out with 90 terabytes of storage. But 90 TB of computing generates a ton of heat, which is why this computer needs 40 fans to keep cool. More than enough space to download pretty ...

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How The Internet Works (Infographic)

We use it for hours everyday. It changed the world and international culture. It set to work an era of communication which previously had only been the stuff of science-fiction. The Internet. While many of us have a rudimentary knowledge of how the net actually works, this infographic gives all of us digital laymen a better idea of just how ...

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Millenium Falcon Server Keeps Your Data Safe From the Death Star

Whether it be a simple place to hold your data or the sacred home of your personal website, you’d like to know that your information is kept safe from any evil forces. The Millenium Falcon Server may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts. The Millenium Falcon is capable of outrunning Imperial starships. Not the local ...

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