Crafts for Alcoholics: Butterfly Beer Can and Vinyl Wall Art


One recycling bin is hardly enough to hold the refuse of a single distinguished alcoholic. The problem is that sometimes your local recycling service limits your recyclable volume to one measly container. That leaves plenty of empty beer cans ready to be transformed.

Not an alcoholic himself, Paul Villinski had to resort to picking beer cans off of the street to create his Butterfly Beer Can wall art. The butterfly art is attached to the wall with suspension wire, giving the can crafts a three dimensional pop.





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  1. Venessa Truesdale

    I would love to make some of these butter flies. I have a ton of old records.
    How do you cut the vinyl without it breaking? Thanks, Venessa

  2. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Love them over the piano. Hope mine turn out as well.

  3. I was thinking maybe a jewler’s saw would work? It wouldn’t be terribly expensive: recycled cans/records, jewler’s hand saw, blades, and a clamp to hold your metal/vinyl in place.

  4. I think the butterflies are wonderful. I want to make some but I’m not sure how they are mounted on the wall. Also how to make the antennas. There is so much litter along our highways and roads this would be a great way for me to put the cans to use. I am always making something with the pottery and glass that I find, one thing I made was a firescreen, everyone loves it. Hope you can give me the instructions for the butterflies, thanks. Donna

  5. This is beautiful ?

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