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MiBeerAge iPhone App Tells You Exactly How Old Your Beer Is

You might not have known this but to the beer connoisseur, the finest brews are best served within 30 days of their bottling. So those three year old bottles of Heineken collecting dust in your fridge garage? Yeah, slightly past their prime. But hey, at least the caps are still usable. The MiBeerAge iOS application tells you exactly how old ...

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Bark4Beer Collar: They Don’t Call Them Man’s Best Friend For Nothing

Once called man’s best friend for their propensity to hunt our food and save our lives if we happened to fall into a raging river, dog’s have quite different responsibilities these days. For one, they only thing most dog’s hunt are crumbs and chew toys. And the only thing they save us from is sobriety. The Bark4Beer Collar allows you ...

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Port-A-Pint: For the Alcoholic on the Go

I have a major drinking problem. And that problem is that I can’t sit back with a chilly brew when I’m on the move. Whether I’m at work or waiting for the the train, I need a constant flow of beer flowing down my gullet and until now that just wasn’t possible unless I wanted to carry around one of ...

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Popcorn Basketball Bowl Shoots Hoops With Your Kernels

This Popcorn Basketball Bowl is specifically designed for the sportsman. The armchair sportsman that is. With a little nook for your remote and an icy brew, this massive six quart bowl features a special spoon on one side which catapults the kernels towards the popcorn basket on the other side. $25 for sports snacking awesomeness. Link [via]

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Six-Pack Beer Can Chest Holster: Be the Rambo of Alcoholics

We’ve seen a decent collection of alcohol-themed holsters, but none that have really catered to the average man who prefers to drown his sorrows to the tune of beer cans rather than beer bottles or hard liquor. The Six-Pack Beer Can Holster straps six cans of your favorite brew across your chest like an alcoholic Rambo. The holders appear to ...

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