World’s Strongest, Most Expensive Beer is Served Inside of a Dead Animal (No, Really)

Well, you can’t accuse BrewDog of not going all out. With The End of History, beer maker BrewDog decided to make the most eccentric, strongest, strangest, most expensive beer you can imagine. I mean, not even considering the fact that this is the strongest beer ever sold at 55% alcohol, every bottle of The End of History comes stuffed inside a dead animals carcass. That’s pretty twisted, even by our standards.

BrewDog swears that every animal used for their beer died a natural death. And by died a natural death, they mean bludgeoned to death with a rock while an assistant dangled a piece of cheese in its face for just that last second of torture. Only 12 bottles were made of each available animal, the gray squirrel and a stoat, which cost $770 and $1078 respectfully.

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  1. What? Only 55%? Okay, well, yes, it does sound like some kind of maniacal challenge. 8% beer gets you drunk halfway through a 6-pack. Can anyone even drink one bottle, let alone two, at a sitting?

    If I send them the platypii carcasses, do you think I’d get a discount? We also have other unique mammals such as bilbies, baby koalas, the echidna could be a bit prickly – but awesome beer protection. How about the Eastern Spotted Quoll? These guys have simply GOT TO do an Aussie series. Wouldn’t be complete if we couldn’t stuff a few Kiwis as well.

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