Vintage Beer Cans


Jesus Christ! These are beer cans from back in the day? I thought they were empty canisters of motor oil judging by the crude design and packaging. I bet Lockwasher would love to get his hands on some of these for a project. A guy named Dan sent these into The Dieline and this is what he had to say:

“I have something I thought you all might find interesting. My friend/classmate Dan Becker and I were able to shoot a portion of an extensive beer can collection (2000+ cans) containing cans from the past 70 years or so. We have a set on flicker of 163 cans which was just recently featured on Design Observer.

Said Flickr set can be found by clicking the link below. I love the names of some of these beers. “LITE BEER,” “Cold Spring” and “Acme” all have that vintage ring in the name. Some of these cans are over 70 years old, meaning this is the same kind of shit people drank during the Great Depression. Coincidence? I think not.

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  1. I want the “LITE BEER” can! my dad has a small collection, and he has one that says just “BEER”
    please email me!

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