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Lingerie Beer Has Some Nice Cans

Designer Ramm ND created these awesome Lingerie Cans. If you happen to be double fisting this brew, place the two cans together like so, sit back and admire the view. Now those are some nice cans. Link

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Camping? Try This Out

Instructables strikes again with another incredibly useful HOW TO. The next time you go camping, pick up a can of tuna on the way. After eating it for dinner and washing it down with a beer, you can saw the top off the beer can and turn the whole thing into a compact, portable stove. Genius. Link [via]

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Crafts for Alcoholics: Butterfly Beer Can and Vinyl Wall Art

One recycling bin is hardly enough to hold the refuse of a single distinguished alcoholic. The problem is that sometimes your local recycling service limits your recyclable volume to one measly container. That leaves plenty of empty beer cans ready to be transformed. Not an alcoholic himself, Paul Villinski had to resort to picking beer cans off of the street ...

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Vintage Beer Cans

Jesus Christ! These are beer cans from back in the day? I thought they were empty canisters of motor oil judging by the crude design and packaging. I bet Lockwasher would love to get his hands on some of these for a project. A guy named Dan sent these into The Dieline and this is what he had to say: ...

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Beer Can Pyramid

Brad Toemel was either in a badass fraternity during his college tenure or maybe he’s just an alcoholic bum. Either way, his 8-foot sculpture called FOUNTAIN is a wonder to behold in one’s eyes. It’s made from a shitload of Miller Lite, Keystone Light, PBR, Budweiser and Miller High Life cans, paying tribute to America’s love of binge drinking. It’s ...

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