Add IP Cameras to Your Indoor Positioning System

Indoor positioning systems (IPS) are now being used in many different industries, including security and logistics. These technologies are being developed and improved over time, and they can provide industrial and warehousing environments with a wealth of possibilities. For example, did you know that indoor positioning systems could be complemented by IP cameras? IP cameras can easily add many benefits ...

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Comic Book Characters that Were Based on Real Life Figures

Art often borrows from history and real life. Films and books tell true stories. Movie characters are based upon well-known figures. But, surely this doesn’t happen in comic books? The characters in comics are too crazy and fantastical to have any basis in the real world. Yet, if you look closely, you can tell that these characters come straight out ...

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How to Fill your E-cig Tanks and Cartomisers

Vaping technology

Vaping is a new trend that is now becoming extremely popular due to the fact that it is 95% less harmful than conventional smoking. Vaping companies offer many flavours ranging from alcohol, menthol, bakery desserts, vitamins, and ice cream in the form of e-liquid. A well regarded company that I found is called VapersWAREHOUSE. They sell all of these flavours ...

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iClever SlamBox Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

In the current gadget market, there so many Bluetooth speakers under various price tags. Quality greatly varies too. So it’s bit of a surprise that the smalliClever SlamBox portable Bluetooth speaker can grab attention in this crowded market. The speaker is affordable, and has been rising in popularity for some time. If you are looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker, ...

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Why Natural E-Cig Flavors are the Way to go


As a vaper, you’ve probably realized that there are a million and one e-juices available on the market. But, we’re here to remind you, not all e-liquids are made equal. Many of the e-liquids available on the internet and in vape shops around the world contain synthetic flavorings and chemicals you’d probably rather not inhale. Here at Blacknote, we create ...

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.io games are enjoying peak popularity, two full years after the inception of the genre. What began as an experimental endeavor (Agar.io) has become an international craze. Millions of PC, Mac, and mobile gamers play .io titles every day. Coincidentally, it seems that new games are released daily. Today is no different. We’re reviewing Superhexio, which is one of the ...

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3 Essential Features to Look for in a Subscription Billing Platform

credit card

Adopting the subscription model can be cost-effective for businesses and highly convenient for customers. However, it’s difficult to launch or maintain any subscription-based e-commerce business without a solid billing system in place. After all, you need to be able to keep track of all the transactions to maintain a steady revenue stream and ensure that your customers have the most ...

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Game Review Brutal.io

  Brutal.io is another one of those FFA multiplayer games. It shares the visual style of Wormax.io and mostly copies the gameplay of Zlap.io. Whether or not we need another .io game isn’t a concern. The best ones rise to the top of the pack, enjoying greater popularity for their better-than-average gameplay and/or concept. Fortunately, Brutal.io appears to be just ...

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4 Features That Make a Smartphone a Flagship Phone

As you start your search for a new smartphone, you might wonder what makes some more expensive than others. Certainly the brand has something to do with it, along with the age of the model, but people typically spend more to buy flagship phones. The flagship phone has the most popular features and is the one that a manufacturer tries ...

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A Look at Potential IPhone 8 Features

Rumoured to hit the markets in the fall of 2017, the iPhone 8 is expected to be significantly different from its predecessors in several aspects – except for, of course, the signature characteristics of all Apple’s offerings. With several prototypes still being toyed with, it may be a while before the final form and features settle in place. However, based ...

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