What Is so Special About Tesla’s Cybertruck?

On 21 November 2019, Elon Musk’s company Tesla unveiled its new invention, Cybertruck at the Tesla Design Studio in Los Angeles. Cybertruck is a futuristic-looking pick-up truck that can comfortably carry 6 people along with goods and supplies. It has 100 cubic feet of storage space; far more than other pick-up trucks.

It’s unusual and strange aesthetics has made it one of the most talked-about vehicles of this decade. It really looks like one of the vehicles you see in George Miller’s movie Mad Max. Talking about appearance, it doesn’t come close to other conventional pick-up trucks like Ford’s F-Series, Honda Ridgeline, or Chevrolet Colorado. 

tesla cybertruck

How Did Tesla Introduce the Cybertruck to the World on 21 November 2019?


Tesla’s Cybertruck was unveiled in their design studio in Los Angeles. The event was streamed live and was hosted by the founder and CEO Elon Musk himself. The event appeared similar to the one Steve Jobs used to organize for the unveiling of Apple’s product

The product was displayed for millions of people to watch online and further, product testing was also performed–which turned out to be quite interesting. They had a guy hit a regular pick-up truck door with a hammer first and then Testa’s new Cybertrucks.

Needless to say, the regular pick trucks door formed a visible dent while Cybertrucks exoskeleton was uninjured– without a mark. This is mainly as Cybertrucks exoskeleton is made from “ultra-hard 30X cold-rolled stainless steel” and armored glass— the same material used in the creation of the starship rocket. Next, they shot a 9mm bullet at the door. So on and so forth.

What Are the Unique and Unheard-Of Features in Tesla’s Cyber Truck

1) Self-leveling suspension

The Cybertruck has 3,500 pounds of payload capacity. You can jam a lot of stuff in the 100 cubic feet of storage space they have provided. However, with payload comes the issue of the vehicle lowering its center of gravity. 

But Tesla’s Cybertruck comes with a self-leveling suspension system. The automobile will make sure a constant ride height of the vehicle is maintained above the road–no matter how much weight you put on it.

2) Tesla Autopilot

Tesla autopilot is a technology by Tesla that allows an automobile to perform the following functions: lane centering, adaptive cruise control, self-parking, automatically change lanes, auto parking and summoning the automobile to drive itself in and out of the garage. 

The new Cybertruck will be enabled with all features Tesla’s previous cars possess. The owner of Cybertruck will also be able to auto-update the software used in several of its modules.

3) The Stainless Steel Sheet-Metal Is Bulletproof

Even a 9 mm caliber bullet won’t go through or even make a dent on the stainless steel sheet metalized exoskeleton of this vehicle. Also, vigorous tests have been done to prove the efficacy of Tesla’s claims. Although unless you live in a war zone, I don’t know how this feature will benefit you. Nevertheless, it’s good to know that you are safe and secure while driving in a Cybertruck.


There are a total of three models of Tesla’s Cybertruck. Here are the model names and their prices.

1) Single Motor RWD: $39,900

2) Dual Motor AWD: $49,900

3) Tri-Motor AWD: $69,900

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