How To Find User Comments on Facebook

Social media allows connectivity over vast stretches. It brings people of different nationalities together in one space for the purpose of interactions and networking.

This platform doesn’t always mean posting pictures and liking and commenting. Social media also includes all those platforms too that include professional settings. Therefore Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, BlueTie, Telegram, Quora, all fall under the category of social media.


Each application has its own algorithms, layouts, and privacy policy in spite of having a common ‘getting people together’ objective. This is why though similar, they aren’t the same.

Let’s take up Facebook for example. It is a social networking medium launched in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg with a few of his college mates.

The privacy policies of Facebook are far different than any other social media platform. This is all about you and your own little circle. Any third party cannot indulge with your content and you can indulge only with peoples’ content that you are friends with. Every movement and every little activity of yours is visible on your timeline.

Therefore looking for someone else and the type of content that they engage with can be quite a task. However, though not simple and always effective, there are ways to do that too.

Search bar through the browser

Go to your browser home page and type Facebook login.

Once you reach the Facebook page, enter your details and press log in or sign up. 

Now you can see posts on your feed shared by people who you are friends with on Facebook.

Go the Facebook search bar and type in ‘posts commented on by _ person’.

Be careful to get the name of the person absolutely correct otherwise, you won’t be able to track them.

Press search and there will be a list of posts commented by the person with that name.

Read through and find what you were looking for.

Search bar through the app

If the browser makes it a tedious job, download the Facebook application from PlayStore or AppStore depending on whether you use Android or Apple.

Now that you have the app, set up your account on it, and repeat the search bar process through this as well. 

Type in ‘posts commented by _ person’ and the said results will be displayed on your phone screens.

Be careful to type in the correct names as well as spellings since even the slightest butcher will not fulfill your purpose.

Keyword Game

Suppose the ‘posts commented by’ keyword doesn’t give you the required results, try changing the keyword. Instead of the same use, ‘posts liked by’ or ‘shared by’ in the search bar of your brother or application.

Therefore once you are on Facebook either through the phone app or the browser, instead of searching for ‘posts commented by _ person’, search for ‘posts shared or liked by _ person’.

Following option

Facebook gives its users an option to follow the activities of the people they find interesting.

Sign in through the browser or the app and look for the person’s profile.

Now that you can see their profile, click on the follow button that you see on their timeline. This is the case where you aren’t included in their friends list on Facebook.

If you are, then the moment you accept their request, you happen to follow them and their engagements on social media.

Turn on notifications

Another way of being alerted each time they do something is to go to settings and turn your notifications on for that particular person.

Go to their profile and click on the three horizontal dots that you see. The box will drop down and select the option of turn notifications on.

Therefore whenever they comment on a post or share some image, Facebook will notify you immediately and you’ll be aware of their social media movements.


If you are friends with someone, simply by going through their timeline on their profile will be enough to find what you are looking for.

Thus, log in through the browser or phone app and type the said person’s name in the search bar.

After catching the matched profile, click on it and you’ll find yourself on their timeline where you can see their posts, their activities – basically their cyberspace.

These few pointers though can be tried aren’t sure to give you the expected results. This is because the Facebook algorithm and privacy policies do make the social space for its users safe and free from third party intrusions.

The best way in which you could optimize the above-mentioned methods is by knowing your spellings of the names properly, knowing what they look like (to identify the right person with that name) and if you have the patience to scroll down a bit for a while till you find them and the posts/comments you have been looking for.

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