Top New Things We Have Learned About Drupal in 2018

Website builder

While competing Content Management Systems like WordPress and Joomla have steadily gained ground in recent years, we’ve learned so far in 2018 that Drupal won’t be left behind in the website-building software market. Drupal is, at its core, an advanced and versatile server-side application that many web developers and designers find irreplaceable and useful. The developers and marketers behind Drupal ...

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Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints: Making sure yours is as Sharp as can be

Canvas prints

It’s something that dominates your room, so if there are any imperfections in your gallery wrapped canvas prints they are certainly there for all to see. If we were to hone in on one of the most common imperfections, it would undoubtedly come in the form of blurriness. This is one of those problems that amateur photographers around the country ...

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6 Simple Ways To Optimize Your Smartphone Battery

Smartphone battery life

Realizing your smartphone has run out of power is a common problem for all people in 2018. One factor that plays into how often you will need to search for a charger depends on the exact phone you own. The ZenFone 3 Zoom’s battery can last over 16 hours on one charge while Google Pixel 2’s battery lasts for just ...

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Reasons Why Writing is a Great Self-Development Tool

Writing skill

Self-development is a way that people assess their skills and qualities, aims, and goals to realize their full potential. Even though family and school experiences help shape early life developments, self-development does not stop in later stages of life. It’s a constant process. Writing can help one identify the skills needed to set life goals and boost confidence that leads ...

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A Creative Way to Show Appreciation

Have you ever had a problem thinking up a perfect gift for the person you know who spends most of their waking hours at a computer?  Perhaps your favorite artist’s birthday is coming up and you are trying to think of a new and unique present that can be enjoyed while creating the next design for a new home or art ...

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Five Reasons to Choose a Chromebook as Your Next Laptop


For years now, the Chromebook has quietly been improving with each release. Today, the Chromebook is now a serious contender in the laptop and even the portable tablet space. But despite this growth, there are many consumers out there that just aren’t sure if a Chromebook will fulfill their computer needs. While it’s not Windows, Chrome OS provides an amazing ...

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Cool Features that Make Two Way Radio Best for Business


In the age of the smartphone, it seems like an anomaly that businesses continue to spend billions worldwide on a technology that is approaching a hundred years old – two way radio. But there are good reasons why the original mode of wireless mobile communication continues to earn the trust of so many professionals. And in the last couple of ...

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The New Game You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

Tunnel Rush

If you’ve been on the hunt for a new game, look no further than Tunnel Rush. It’s so rare to come upon a free online game that actually gives you the opportunity to practice and perfect your skills. While free online games offer a fun and easy way to pass some of your free time, they don’t often offer challenges ...

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5 Reasons Why the Laptop Backpack is a Must-Have in 2018

laptop backpack

If you’re traveling for business or leisure, the must-have accessory for 2018 is the new Laptop Backpack. The three-in-one design combines a laptop bag, shoulder bag and a backpack to make traveling comfortable and convenient. Add the extra features of the Laptop Backpack including its anti-theft design, USB charging ports and selection of pockets for different functions, it’s easy to ...

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Why the Arizer Air 2 is worth buying in 2018?

Vaporizers are growing in popularity by the day. Since the release of the Volcano many years ago, the market has flourished. Considered to be a far healthier and safer alternative to smoking, vaping is convincing even the most stubborn and dedicated smoker to make the switch. With various advantages to the switch from smoking to vaping, it comes as no ...

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