What Are the Different Types of E-Liquid Flavors?

When you visit a top vape shop like E-Cigarette Empire, you’re going to find very few pre-filled vaping devices on offer, and the reason for that is very simple. A pre-filled vaping device just doesn’t offer a very good vaping experience, and that’s truer than ever since the U.S. government banned most flavors for pre-filled vaping devices in 2020. If you can choose one vaping device that only has tobacco and menthol flavors – or another device that works with hundreds of different flavors – the superior choice should be fairly obvious.

The Problem With Choosing an E-Liquid Flavor


When some people look at the selection of e-liquid at a good vape shop, they become completely overwhelmed. Step into any decent vape shop, and you’re going to find dozens and dozens of different vape juices on the shelves. How can you possibly wade through such a large selection and identify the products that you’re going to like?

In this article, we’re going to simply the process by explaining the most common basic e-liquid flavor profiles. These are the building blocks of almost every e-liquid on the market, and by identifying the flavor types that you find most appealing, you’ll make the process of shopping for vape juice simpler and much less overwhelming.

This Vape Juice Flavor List Is Only a Starting Point

Keep in mind that these different types of e-liquid flavors are almost like the basic scent types in perfumery. In perfume, you have floral scents, gourmand scents, woody scents and so on – but perfumers frequently blur the lines between those different scent types, and the same is true of e-liquid flavors. You’ll find e-liquids combining tobacco and creamy notes or blending fruity notes with menthol, to name two examples – and those examples barely even scratch the surface of what’s possible with e-liquid. Consider these basic flavor types just the starting point for your explorations. 


The creation of a tobacco e-liquid is the vaping industry’s version of alchemy. Although tobacco extract does exist as an e-liquid flavor, most companies don’t use it because they’d prefer to distance vaping from the tobacco industry as much as possible. Instead, they use combinations of various other flavors and aromas to create flavor profiles that hit the palate and stimulate the olfactory senses in much the same way as tobacco. Tobacco e-liquids aren’t extremely popular because there isn’t a single tobacco vape juice in the world that tastes like a cigarette. The best tobacco e-liquids are extremely creative and inventive, though, and they’re well worth trying.


While you’ll never find a tobacco e-liquid that tastes like a cigarette, menthol e-liquids are a lot of fun because there is no difference between the menthol in a cigarette and the menthol in a bottle of vape juice. Menthol is menthol. The only difference is that, when you vape, you can have the coolness of menthol without the harshness of smoke – which makes the menthol taste infinitely more refreshing. If you’re a menthol cigarette smoker, you’ll never consider smoking another cigarette again once you find the right menthol vape juice for your taste.


If most of the people in the world who vape aren’t vaping tobacco e-liquid, what are they vaping? The answer to that question is “fruit.” By far, fruit is the most common type of flavor that you’ll find in any company’s flavor selection, and it serves as the starting point for an infinite variety of flavor combinations. You’ll find fruit candy e-liquids, fruit smoothie e-liquids, fruit dessert e-liquids and more. E-liquid doesn’t contain actual fruit juice. Rather, it contains natural and artificial flavors, some of which may be extracted from real fruits. You’ll find that some fruit e-liquids taste truer to life than others, but you’ll always recognize them as the fruits that they’re supposed to represent.


Candy is one of the most exciting flavor categories in the vaping industry for two reasons. One, just about everyone has a sweet tooth and would love to indulge those cravings without the calories – and two, e-liquid makers use the same flavoring agents that candy makers use. You can name just about any candy in the world, and there’s probably a vape juice out there replicating the flavor of that candy to a T. With the addition of sucralose – a sweetener that most mainstream e-liquid makers now use – you’ll almost believe you’re eating the real thing.


The creamy vape juices are the ones that capture the flavors of milk, cream and custard. Aside from custard e-liquids – which are usually paired with vanilla – it’s rare to find a vape juice that uses a creamy note on its own. Instead, e-liquid makers usually use creamy flavors to add sweetness and richness to fruits, desserts and other flavor profiles. A note of cream is an absolute dream come true in a vape juice with a cereal flavor profile.


Although candy technically qualifies as a dessert, the types of flavors that come to mind when most vapers think of dessert e-liquids are usually the richer and more decadent types. Some of the flavor profiles that you’ll find in the dessert category include cheesecake, doughnuts and birthday cake. How do you choose between candy and dessert if you want to learn more about what sweeter e-liquids are all about? It’s simple. If you want an e-liquid delivering pure sweetness with a brighter overall flavor profile, try a candy vape juice. If you’re looking for something a bit darker and smoother, you’ll probably prefer a dessert vape juice.


The beverage e-liquid category is one of the few categories featuring both sweet and savory flavor profiles. You’ll find vape juices in this category that taste like bright fruit juices and fizzy sodas, and you’ll also find e-liquids that taste like bold cups of espresso. In a few cases, you’ll even find beverage e-liquids that blend their base flavors with a bit of menthol to give you the experience of drinking your favorite juice, soda or smoothie on ice. A beverage-and-menthol combination can really save you on those hot summer days!

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