Does Vaping Activate Fire Alarms?

Vaping technology

Electronic cigarettes are devices that release nicotine through heating a liquid mixture of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. The mixture is heated to 350 degrees by a battery that is charged with a USB port. The electronic cigarette is an invention of a Chinese doctor who lost his father because of lung cancer.

Do people vape a lot?

More and more people decide to stop using conventional tobacco to switch to electronic cigarettes, the so-called vaporisers. The debate about whether this method is more or less healthy than the usual cigarettes is intense. However, people like to vape because it definitely has more advantages than traditional smoking.

Fire alarms vs electronic cigarettes

One of the most critical issues faced by vapers is whether their electronic cigarette would activate a smoke detector. It is not a simple matter. Electronic cigarettes produce steam, not smoke, so in theory, an electronic cigarette would not have to activate a smoke detector, since there is no smoke to detect. This is true, as a general rule, although in many cases, it’s not as simple as it seems.

There are three significant types of smoke detectors, and the probability with which they can confuse vapour with smoke depends on the type used in each case. These models are:

  • Thermal detectors
  • Sensors based on ionisation
  • Photoelectric detectors
  • Thermal detectors

The least mentioned are the least troublesome for vapers. They are used in kitchens and are activated depending on the level of heat, and the amount of smoke detected. Electronic cigarettes don’t produce too much heat so they can be used in the presence of this kind of detectors.

Detectors based on ionisation

The ionisation-based detectors are composed of a small amount of radioactive material located between two electrically charged plates. This ionises the air inside the device, generating a current that the smoke particles can break, causing the alarm to go off.

This class of detectors works at the molecular level, so they are susceptible to any environmental change. The vapour particles produced by electronic cigarettes are different from those of smoke, so they should not activate these detectors, although there have been cases in the opposite direction.

Photoelectric detectors

Photoelectric detectors are the most common of all and can detect the vapour of electronic cigarettes. The photoelectric detectors use an optical beam of light to identify the smoke present around it. If there is a lot of smoke around the sensor, the light beam breaks and the alarm is activated.

The risk of being activated is lower with steam, but the probability is still considerable. If the amount of vapour is sufficient to interrupt the beam, the alarm will be activated, regardless of whether it is smoke or steam.

How to use electronic cigarettes in a place with smoke detectors?

There is no fixed rule about the use of electronic cigarettes in the presence of smoke detectors. Some can be activated, and others can’t. Each situation is different, and it should be handled individually. If you like to produce a lot of steam and you are near a smoke detector in a crowded space or a sensitive area, it is advisable not to vape. This eliminates the possibility of activating the alarm and causing a problem, both for you and for those around you.

On the other hand, if you are in your own home, or in the house of a relative or a friend, there should be no problem if you vape a certain distance from the smoke detector, especially if you exhale the steam in the opposite direction. This can reduce the risk of activating the sensor, as this will keep the steam away from you. In any case, if the alarm ends up on fire, you can keep the situation under control.

However, if you are in a space that strictly prohibits the use of electronic cigarettes, obey the rules and not vape.

Why is Vaping better than Smoking?

Advocates of vaping value its potential to decrease the use of conventional tobacco, which is assumed to be much more harmful. Vaping is healthier than traditional smoking because liquid with nicotine present in e-cigarettes does not burn tar in the process. Tar is one of the most carcinogenic elements of cigarettes and is not present when vaping. Also, when you vape, there is no bad smell present, and it barely affects other people privacy.

Quit smoking and use the e-cigarette

Yes. You can quit smoking using an electronic cigarette. There are several reasons why a smoker stops using tobacco when he switches to a vaporiser: the first, that when vapes you make the same gesture as smoking, and the second, the possibility of adding nicotine to the device. There are various great Cheap Vaping Deals on the market, so you can easily buy the vaporiser that suits you the most.

Vaping without nicotine

One of the advantages of using electronic cigarettes is the possibility of vaping without nicotine. As we mentioned before, nicotine is one of the harmful substances that we find in conventional cigarettes. Nicotine causes dependency or addiction to tobacco.

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