Earth & Space

The Hubble Advent Calendar 2010

What's behind the starry flap? Follow the jump to see today's scene, the latest in a collection of space imagery compiled by Alan Taylor for the Boston Globe's photo blog, The Big Picture.

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Pioneer 10: darkness at the edge of town

The Pioneer anomaly, a long-discussed discrepancy between the expected and actual speeds of the Pioneer spacecraft, has tantalized researchers with the possibility of an exotic new physics. A solution may be close at hand�and even if it supports the standard model, it's pretty amazing.

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Total Eclipse of the Moon

For the first time since 1638, a lunar eclipse coincides with the winter solstice. Add the Ursid meteor shower, and the tonight's sky offers a triple dose of wintry glamor.

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Neil Armstrong Begs to Differ

The distance Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin traveled on the moon belies the immensity of their feat, as NPR correspondent Robert Krulwich discovered last week when blogging about scale in the news. In truth, the scale of their accomplishment is so off the charts, it can only fuel our fantasies�not to mention those of Michael Bay.

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