Earth & Space

SETI keeps looking up

The search for extraterrestrial life is serious science: its methods are precisely documented, its results painstakingly peer-reviewed. But at the same time its a field with curious standards when it comes to advances.

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NASA’s Icebridge: imaging the abyss

Researchers with NASA's Icebridge campaign are completing their fourth tour of flights over the polar regions to image ice sheets and glaciers in Antarctica and Greenland. The places they measure and scan are crucial to our understanding of global climateand forbiddingly hostile as well.

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Printing out the orbital infrastructure

3-D printing is going viral. With 3-D fabrication technology at for the desktop, for LEGOs, and for nanoscale materials, it was only a matter of time before the paradigm found its way into spaceand corporate science fiction. But this promising technology still has to prove itself in terrestrial infrastructure first.

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Dust-laden Hayabusa returns to Earth

IN 2005, the Japanese probe Hayabusa made its rendezvous with Itowaka, a five-hundred-meter long, sausage-shaped asteroid whose circular orbit intersects that of Earth. Yesterday, Japan's space agency announced that the probe had collected the first material ever gathered from an asteroid and delivered successfully to Earth.

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How to paint a fireball in the sky

"Some flashes of lambent light, much like the aurora borealis, were first observed on the northern part of the soon as the meteor emerged from behind the cloud, its light was prodigious."

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Looking for Mars

The Red Planet has been the object of science fiction, paranoia, and fakery. And with numerous spacecraft now beaming back publicly-available images from our neighboring planet, Martian fantasizing is a growth industry. This film is one of the most convincing, and it isn't even from Mars. Video after the jump.

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