New LG ‘e-Book’ Concept is Gas-Guzzler

LG has unveiled a new concept laptop they call the ‘e-Book’. No, this isn’t an eBook reader. It’s a forward-thinking laptop, sporting an OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) screen (which is much more energy-efficient than an ordinary LCD screen), a second OLED screen for the keyboard, and a fuel-cell battery. Here’s where things get confusing. Some sources report the battery uses ...

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Sony copies ‘Get a Mac ads’

After almost a year of delays on their mammoth of a game console and a recall of over a million burning laptop batteries, Sony has decided to make themselves “cool” again by cloning Apple. Apple’s now infamous “Get a Mac” ad campaign is being duped by Sony Australia’s C-Series VAIO, which claims to be a “non-PC PC.” The VAIO ad ...

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iPod dock in new Apple keyboard?

Everyone’s favorite Apple rumor site, ThinkSecret, is claiming that Apple is prepping a new USB keyboard with a built-in iPod dock. Of course, the sources were unable to see the keyboard, but they heard of it being spotted in the wild by customers who sent their keyboards to Apple for replacement. Though the number of keyboards is supposedly less than ...

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Eat at the keyboard? We’ve got you covered.

Those of us who live around our computers know that sometimes    we disrespect our keyboards. Sometimes the chip crumbs go under that keyboard and every time it happens a little piece of us dies. The perfect way to cure this is a nice USB vacuum cleaner. And don’t worry we’ve found exactly what you’re looking for. Sure odd peripherals ...

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Razer DeathAdder mouse for gamers

With a name like “DeathAdder”, this mouse pretty much guarantees to bring the pain to all the orc’s and various villains in the gaming world. What can make a corded mouse earn such a sinister name? The DeathAdder comes equipped with a 3G infrared sensor that packs an 1800 dpi resolution. Enough power to pinpoint your dwarf character’s hand to ...

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Hack your iTunes album art

When iTunes announced it’s feature of automatically importing high-quality album cover images to my iTunes library, the tech-loving side of our brains here at Gearfuse started to sing a song of praise. We have dreamed of a smooth integration of album artwork and iTunes pretty much since we’ve had an iPod. For the most part, a smooth integration was exactly ...

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