WildCharge wireless charger

wildcharge charger

It is amazing that this concept is even possible, but scientists Nicola Tesla proved it was many years ago. The WildCharge (which isn’t available for sale yet) is the charger that saves the problems everyone experiences with charger cords. It’s the direction we are destined to follow, many things (if not everything) will eventually become wireless. Just look at new products, every next-gen gaming console comes with the option of a wireless controller, our internet networks are run wirelessly, and now some video and audio is running without wires. The WildCharge is simply a metal plate that you plug in to the wall (ironically enough), and place your devices on top of the plate. It charges the devices through osmosis, and because of it’s revolutionary design, the devices you place on it charge just a quickly as if they were plugged directly into the wall. The WildCharge plate is only .1″ thick and will hopefully be available in Q1 of 2007. — Nik Gomez

WildCharge [via CrunchGear]

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