Firefox 3.0 alpha “Gran Paradiso” already available for download


Shouldn’t Mozilla be spending their time fine tuning Firefox 2.0 before letting outlandish future projects get in the way? Of course they should, but in today’s lightining speed internet world, the name of the game is more, more, faster, more productive, more, more. So for those who love getting their hands on early software, here’s a little 3.0 goodness to keep you busy.

The early plans of Firefox 3.0 seem to focus on multi-platform integration. With the use of vectoring imaging and things we don’t quite understand because we are not from the year 2010 like the guys over at Mozilla. I think their attempt at platform integration is a lost cause though. Firefox will be the browser of choice by then if they focused more on their marketing then on their development of buggy software. — Andrew Dobrow

Download Firefox 3.0 Alpha here [Mozilla, via Gizmodo]

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