Fujitsu announces 300GB 2.5″ hard drive

300 gb hard driveWith a capacity like this, that’s a crap load of pirated movies you could fit on this thing! The announcement of Fujitsu’s 300GB 2.5″ hard drive, notebook owners can soon have as much storage space as most desktops on the market. There’s no estimated price in the press release, but we are guessing it’s going to be something like $2000, plus your first born son.

Fujitsu has been on the leading end of the stick where high-capacity products are concerned. With their mastering of Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (PMR), Fujitsu has kept ahead of the crowd with small and high storage equipment. Less then a year ago, Fujitsu announced their release of a 200GB 2.5″ drive. The 300GB is another small step for man, but a very giant leap for gearhead kind. — Andrew Dobrow

Fujitsu Announces World’s First 300GB 2.5″ Hard Disk Drive [PR Newswire]

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