Powerstick USB gadget charger

powerstick usb charger

We’ve all seen the USB flash drives with the little display on front to let you know how full your drive is with your precious data, and The ECOSOL Powerstick might look identical to one of those. If you look closely, it has a little icon of a gasoline tank, what’s that about? The Powerstick serves as a charger for your mobile devices, not a flash drive. It can charger nearly any cellphone, PDA, MP3 player (including your iPod), and digital camera with the appropriate adapter. You just plug the Powerstick into your computer, it charges itself up, and then you plug it into your empty device to charge it up for use again. The Powerstick comes in four different colors (silver, black, blue, purple), weighs 40g, and is the size of your average USB drive (23.5x105x15mm). It is a lithium ion battery rated at 500 recharges (better than your iPod). — Nik Gomez

ECOSOL Powerstick [via Gadgetell]

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